Is Airbnb to Blame for Overtourism?

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What is Overtourism? Overtourism is “the excessive growth of visitors leading to overcrowding in areas where residents suffer the consequences of temporary and seasonal tourism peaks, which have enforced permanent changes to their lifestyles, access to amenities and general well-being”[1]. In other words, too many visitors impact the quality of life for local residents. Imagine having the […]

Who Are the Millennials and How do they Compare to Other Generations?

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A Comparison of Millennials with Hippies, Yuppies, Bobos, and Generation X. Increasingly, psychographic factors (how people think, feel and behave) are important determinants of travel and spending behaviour.  American demographics (e.g. age, race and sex), should therefore be analysed in conjunction with their psychographic behaviour in order to provide a true picture of different market segments […]