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Cooperative Elevation

Providing innovative solutions to the rapidly changing global economy

Leve Global is a highly respected consultancy serving government and private sector clients around the world. We enjoy a worldwide reputation for the quality of our research, analysis, advice and strategic planning in the fields of international travel, tourism and trade.

However, we are results-oriented, not merely task-oriented. We insist that good intelligence must lead to practical advice, clever competitive strategies, innovative solutions to well-defined problems, and guidelines to put them in place. Such are the hallmarks of our modus operandi. But more than this, we strive to leave behind much of what we bring to any assignment or project:

  1. To transfer knowledge through training;
  2. To pass on ownership of processes, strategies, and goals; and
  3. To cooperatively elevate tourism, trade and lives.


We never approach an assignment with preconceived or ready-made solutions. We believe in a bottom-up process, that is driven by sustainability and regenerative development, stakeholder engagement, sharing of knowledge, sound data and analysis, market and consumer trends and insights as well as innovative techniques and tools.

Whether we are working with a development agency or with a community, we firmly believe in uplifting talent, building skills and elevating the people we impact.

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