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Elevating Services

Providing innovative solutions to the rapidly changing global economy

At Leve Global, we are not just about completing an assignment, but integrally concerned about the impact it will have on the sustainability and competitiveness of the client’s organization. 

Leve Global has the capability and skill-set to develop and deliver innovative approaches to economic and sector development.  

To every problem, to every crisis, we provide our clients with innovative solutions


When, for example, the Grand Bahama Island was suffering from ‘tourism fatigue’ (workers tired of smiling), we did not recommend smile training.  Rather, working closely with the industry, to launch the first ever “tourism begins at home” programme – an initiative that provided employees with their first opportunity to be tourists in their own island.  Under this Grand Bahama Island 2000 programme, the private sector banded together to provide 12,000 opportunities for the industry’s 5,000 employees to be a tourist on their own island – to stay at hotels, play golf, learn to dive, dine at restaurants, take island tours, and do the things that tourists do.  This small programme, the first of its kind, had far reaching effects throughout the industry and caused the Travel Weekly in the USA to claim that “Grand Bahama Island is friendlier to visitors thanks to the Tourism 2000 programme”.

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