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Posted December 3rd 2020

By Dr. Auliana Poon

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Export is the Lifeblood of Small Island Developing States
SIDS Depend on Foreign Exchange for Survival

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) desperately need to export – they depend on foreign exchange for survival.

SIDS are too small to economically produce everything they need – from seeds, tools machinery and equipment, to vehicles, medical supplies and higher education, foreign exchange is critically needed to secure needed imports.

Leve Global Supports Export Development in Jamaica

Working cooperatively with the Jamaica Investment Promotion Agency (JAMPRO), the Commonwealth Secretariat and island stakeholders, Leve Global, facilitated the development of the Jamaica National Export Strategy (NES) that included over 200 actions, 36 agencies and a budget exceeding US$20 million covering 5 priority sectors and 5 cross-cutting areas.

One of Leve Global’s suggestion was to strengthen Jamaica’s country brand. A marketing claim of ‘Run Fast. Live Slow’, was recommended.  This country marketing claim reflects not only the fact that Jamaica produced the fastest man in the world, but also, the growing customer trend to more healthy and ‘slow’ living – a trend that transcends Jamaica’s export products including travel, resorts, agriculture, nutraceuticals, etc. 

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Leve Global, working with the Commonwealth Secretariat and JAMPRO to cooperatively elevate tourism, trade and lives in Jamaica.

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