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A Boutique Consultancy with Global Reach

Leve Global is boutique in every aspect.  We are a small, agile, anti-fragile, out-of-the box, innovative, caring, boutique outfit, with global reach, deep intelligence and multi-faceted capabilities.

Providing Innovative Solutions to Unique Problems

At Leve Global, nothing is ‘same old’. And one size does not fit all.  From the invention of ‘Responsible Tourism’ for the new South Africa and the ‘Tourism Begins at Home Programme’ that sparked the turnaround of the Bahamas tourism Industry; to the development of the River Gambia Value Chain to drive their export competitiveness, we facilitate innovation and ownership.

Elevating Lives through Sustainable Development

At Leve Global, we care. We transfers knowledge, act responsibly and deliver results for our clients and ultimate beneficiaries, elevating their lives, through sustainable development.

Core Elevation Team
Dr. Auliana Poon

Chief Strategist

Dr. Christian Potthoff-Sewing

Senior Investment Expert

Roseline Poon


Kevon Wilson

Market Research / Marketing Specialist

At Leve Global, we draw on a cadre of talented local, regional and international experts and partners – architects, engineers, economists, environmentalists, digital strategists, social media, project managers, digital strategists, marketing specialists, statisticians, scientists, data analysts, climate change specialists, etc. – to provide innovative solutions to our clients. What is more, we insist on effectively transferring knowledge, skills and expertise in order to facilitate regenerative development.

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