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Policy and Strategic Planning Consulting Services

Providing innovative solutions to the rapidly changing global economy

The rapidly and radically changing global economy creates new challenges that countries, economies and sectors must respond to for continued competitiveness. Our team at Leve Global help our clients to craft innovative policies, strategies and plans to ensure sustainable and regenerative growth in the face of an ever-changing global landscape.


Our policies and plans are well balanced around four key pillars: people, planet, product, and profits. We deliver responsible solutions that ensure the human, natural, built, and economic resources (people, planet, product, and profits) are optimally, intelligently and sustainably used for, and benefit from, economic development. We strive to safeguard that the costs associated with economic development never outweigh its benefits.


Our policies, strategies and plans are innovative, inclusive, and intelligence-based.

Innovative: we provide tailor-made solutions to respond to global trends

Inclusive: we ensure that all stakeholders are involved in both the planning process and the implementation of the outcomes

Intelligence-based: We insist that good intelligence must lead to sound advice and competitive strategies to put them in place.

Policy and Strategic Planning Projects:

  • Dominica National Tourism Policy and Tourism Master Plan
  • Discover Dominica Corporate Strategy
  • Montserrat Sustainable Tourism Strategy
  • CARICOM Regional Tourism Strategy
  • South Africa Tourism Policy and White Paper
  • Abu Dhabi Tourism Strategy
  • Singapore Tourism Strategy
  • National Tourism Policy Trinidad and Tobago

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