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Development of Comprehensive Sector Studies for the Development Bank of Jamaica

Project Duration: January 2024 – September 2024

Client: The Development Bank of Jamaica

Objective: To conduct comprehensive sector studies and develop strategic financing products targeting MSMEs in twelve key sectors, enhancing their growth, sustainability, and integration into the national economy.

Project Overview

The project aimed to understand the needs of stakeholders within various sectors, develop in-depth sector studies, and create innovative financial products to support the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) in promoting MSME development across the island.

Key Features & Implementation

Key Components:

  1. Stakeholder Outreach
    • Conducted extensive stakeholder meetings, interviews, and surveys.
    • Engaged with over 500 stakeholders to gather insights and understand their needs.
  2. Stakeholder Surveys Amongst SMMEs
    • Designed and launched surveys targeting Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs).
    • Collected valuable data to inform sector studies and strategy development.
  3. Development of 12 Sector Studies
    • Conducted comprehensive studies in the following sectors:
      1. Agriculture
      2. Manufacturing & Agro-processing
      3. Mining
      4. Construction
      5. Entertainment & Sports
      6. Tourism
      7. Transport, Storage and Communications
      8. Energy, Electricity and Water
      9. Logistics
      10. Education and Training
      11. Housing
      12. Health
  4. One-Day Workshop in Kingston
    • Facilitated a workshop with approximately 100 participants attending in person and another 100 participating remotely.
    • Engaged stakeholders from all twelve sectors to discuss findings and strategies.
  5. Development of a Comprehensive and Integrated Sector Linkages Strategy and Implementation Plan
    • Created a strategy to enhance linkages between sectors.
    • Developed an implementation plan with clear timelines, responsibilities, and performance indicators.
  6. Development of Strategic Financing Products for MSMEs
    • Designed innovative financing products to address gaps in the financial services sector.
    • Focused on technology adoption, sustainability practices, inclusive development, and stronger sectoral linkages.


  • Comprehensive sector studies providing in-depth insights into each of the twelve sectors.
  • A well-developed sector linkages strategy to foster collaboration and integration between sectors.
  • Strategic financing products tailored to the needs of MSMEs, supporting their growth and sustainability.
  • Increased stakeholder engagement and collaboration through workshops and surveys.

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