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Responsible Tourism Development in the South East Coast of Saint Lucia

Leve Global was commissioned by the Government of Saint Lucia, through the Department of Sustainable Development, to undertake a significant consultancy project. The project’s focus was on identifying and developing Responsible Tourism opportunities in the South East Coast, with an emphasis on environmental and social safeguards.

Objective and Purpose:

The overarching objective of this consultancy was to identify sustainable livelihood opportunities for communities in the South East Coast through Responsible Tourism initiatives. The purpose was to drive social and economic development in the region, utilizing Responsible Tourism as a catalyst. This involved establishing a foundation for the effective management of Responsible Tourism facilities, underpinned by robust environmental and social management guidelines.

Key Features & Implementation

Key Achievements:

  • Identification of Responsible Tourism Opportunities: We successfully identified numerous Responsible Tourism opportunities in the South East Coast, paving the way for sustainable community development and tourism growth.
  • Development of Guidelines: We created, adopted, and implemented comprehensive guidelines for Responsible Tourism in the South East Coast. These guidelines were instrumental in better managing tourism facilities and shaping future Responsible Tourism development in the project area.
  • Environmental and Social Management Guidelines: We developed detailed environmental and social management guidelines and safeguards for all Responsible Tourism facilities, both existing and foreseen, in the area. This ensured that the initiatives were sustainable and community-friendly.
  • South-South Exchanges: We facilitated south-south exchanges with countries in the region experienced in developing Responsible Tourism facilities, infrastructure, norms, and standards. This exchange of knowledge and best practices was vital for the project’s success.


Leve Global employed a participatory approach throughout the assignment. This approach ensured synergy among various tasks and activities, involving stakeholders and beneficiaries in the formulation and preparation of all reports. We conducted focus group discussions, one-on-one meetings, and interviews with tourism operators, promoters, and other stakeholders in the South East Coast. This participatory method was crucial for gathering information, validating, and finalizing the Responsible Tourism guidelines and related documents.


The consultancy for the development of Responsible Tourism in the South East Coast of Saint Lucia was a landmark project for Leve Global. By identifying viable tourism opportunities and establishing comprehensive guidelines, we contributed significantly to the region’s sustainable development. Our participatory approach ensured that the project was inclusive, community-oriented, and aligned with the best practices in environmental and social sustainability. This project not only enhanced the tourism potential of the South East Coast but also set a benchmark for responsible and sustainable tourism development.

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