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Development of the National Sports Policy and Strategic Plan for the Cayman Islands

Project Duration: January 2024 – September 2024

Client: Government of the Cayman Islands

Objective: To establish a comprehensive National Sports Policy and Strategic Plan that promotes the importance of sports and physical activity, enhancing the health, economy, community, and individual well-being of all citizens in the Cayman Islands.

Project Overview

The development of the National Sports Policy and Strategic Plan for the Cayman Islands aimed to create a strategic framework that recognizes the multifaceted value of sports. This project sought to integrate sports into various core areas of national development, fostering a culture of physical activity and athletic excellence.

Key Features & Implementation

Key Components:

  1. Preparation of the National Sports Policy Document
    • Conducted thorough research and analysis of the current sports landscape.
    • Identified key issues, opportunities, and challenges within the sports sector.
    • Developed policy recommendations to address identified needs and promote sports development.
  2. Development of a Five-Year Strategy and Implementation Plan for Sports Development
    • Created a detailed five-year strategy with specific objectives, initiatives, and programs.
    • Developed an implementation plan with clear timelines, responsibilities, and performance indicators.
    • Focused on sustainable and impactful sports development programs.
  3. Extensive Stakeholder Consultations
    • Conducted nearly 200 stakeholder consultations, including one-on-one and group meetings.
    • Engaged a diverse range of stakeholders, including sports organizations, community leaders, educators, government officials, and athletes.
    • Gathered valuable insights and feedback to inform the policy and strategy development process.
  4. Survey of Over 1300 Stakeholders
    • Designed and administered a comprehensive survey targeting over 1300 stakeholders.
    • Collected data on sports needs, preferences, and expectations.
    • Analyzed survey results to identify key trends and areas for intervention.
  5. Meetings with Cabinet/Caucus
    • Engaged with senior government officials, including Cabinet and Caucus members.
    • Presented preliminary findings, policy recommendations, and strategic initiatives.
    • Secured high-level support and commitment for the implementation of the National Sports Policy and Strategic Plan.
  6. Workshops in Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman
    • Implemented three one-day workshops to facilitate stakeholder engagement and capacity building.
    • Workshops held in both Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman, ensuring inclusive participation.
    • Focused on training, knowledge sharing, and collaborative planning.

Vision: Sports for Life

  • Emphasized the importance of sports and physical activity for the life of each citizen and the overall health of the economy, community, and individual.
  • Explored the vast sports value chain and its connection to:
    • Health
    • Education
    • Economy
    • Athletic performance and competition
    • Community building
    • National pride
    • Cultural development and ambassadorship
    • Personal development and discipline building


  • A comprehensive National Sports Policy document.
  • A strategic five-year plan with actionable initiatives to enhance sports development.
  • Strong stakeholder engagement and buy-in, ensuring the relevance and effectiveness of the policy and strategy.
  • Increased awareness and capacity among stakeholders through targeted workshops.
  • An integrated vision, “Sports for Life,” promoting the long-term benefits of sports for all citizens.

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