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Mozambique Tourism Marketing Strategy & Implementation Plan

Mozambique, with its pristine beaches, rich culture, and diverse wildlife, offers a unique tourism experience. Recognizing the potential to elevate its position in the global tourism market, a comprehensive strategy was required to boost Mozambique’s tourism marketing and promotion. As such, the Government of Mozambique commissioned Leve Global (formerly Tourism Intelligence International) to develop a Tourism Marketing Strategy and Implementation plan for the destination.


To design a robust tourism marketing strategy for Mozambique, ensuring a cohesive brand image, targeted outreach to potential markets, and the development of necessary human resources to drive the strategy forward.

Key Features & Implementation

Key Features & Implementation:

• Project Design & Coordination: Initiated the project with detailed design discussions and regular coordination meetings with the client.
• Stakeholder Consultations: Conducted expert interviews and stakeholder consultations within Mozambique to gather insights and feedback.
• Market Analysis: Undertook secondary research to analyze potential markets and conducted market segment research, focusing on psychographic analysis.
• Research Coordination: Organized a research coordination visit to Mozambique to gather first-hand insights.
• Market Surveys: Conducted market surveys in key markets, including South Africa and European countries like Portugal, Germany, and the UK.
• Training Needs Assessment: Performed a detailed training needs assessment and gap analysis to identify areas of improvement.
• Marketing & Promotion Plan: Developed a comprehensive marketing and promotion plan tailored for Mozambique’s unique offerings.
• Branding: Spearheaded the branding initiative for Mozambique, ensuring a consistent and appealing brand image.
• Marketing Collaterals: Designed creative marketing materials, including brochures, a website, and other promotional items.
• Human Resources Plan: Prepared a human resources plan to ensure the effective implementation of the marketing strategy.
• Log Frame Workshops: Organized workshops to develop a logical framework for the project’s objectives and outcomes.
• Presentation & Finalization: Presented the findings, human resource plan, and marketing strategy to SCET, incorporated feedback, and finalized the plans.

Our Commitment:

The Tourism Marketing Strategy and Implementation Plan for Mozambique showcases Leve Global’s holistic approach to destination marketing. By combining in-depth research, stakeholder engagement, and creative branding initiatives, we have crafted a strategy that positions Mozambique as a premier tourism destination. At Leve Global, we are dedicated to transforming visions into actionable plans, driving growth, and elevating destinations on the global stage.

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