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Marketing & Branding

Providing innovative solutions to the rapidly changing global economy

The #1 ingredient for a successful business is a paying customer. That is why our marketing and branding strategies are very customer- and market-oriented.

For almost three decades, Leve Global has been monitoring and analysing global consumer trends as well as developments in major markets such as the USA, Europe, UK, Japan, and emerging markets.

We deploy a number of methodologies designed to capture, collate, and consider consumer and market insights. For example, our Product-Market-Fit (PMF) methodology utilises over a dozen criteria to ensure that the products and services that are identified and developed fit squarely with what the markets are looking for.

Similarly, through our Market Attractiveness Assessment and Customer Avatar Development and others, we identify markets that are most suited to the product or experience at hand. This process ensures that there is a perfect fit between our marketing and branding strategies with the target markets as well as the product/experience benefits and the capacity to deliver the promise.

Have a look at our Marketing & Branding project cases here.

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