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Grenada Packaging and Branding Project

Global markets are becoming more and more competitive. Often consumers ‘judge a book by its cover’ (the packaging) when deciding on what products to choose. But it is the labelling requirements that could decide if a product is allowed into a market or not. If firms are not able to meet basic labelling and packaging requirements, their efforts to access global value chains (GVCs) could be limited, time-consuming and costly.  Thus, branding, packaging and labelling are important aspects of creating wealth and helping firms move up the value chain. As such, the Government of Grenada, Ministry of Trade, hired Leve Global to provide capacity building and training to micro, small and medium firms to improve their branding, packaging and labelling.


  1. Carried out Global Branding and Packaging Trend Analysis and Diagnostics
  2. Identification of the key best practices of successful international brands in the key markets
  3. Carried out an audit of current packaging and labelling practices in Grenada
  4. Assessed the competitiveness of Grenadian firms with particular focus on the potential for competitiveness in the area of packaging and labelling
  5. Carried out a SWOT Analysis
  6. a comprehensive assessment of a selection of companies to determine developmental needs in the areas of branding, packaging and labeling, and exporting
  7. Carried out one-on-one stakeholder interviews and site visits with a selection of firms


Baseline Study Among 28 Firms

Development a Baseline Study for the agri-processing export sector to determine what were some of the gaps and needs of the sector and what areas needed strengthening. A survey instrument was developed, tested and launched. A total of 28 firms responded (a 63.6% response rate.

Assessment of 13 Firms

Carried out a field mission among a diverse selection of 13 micro, small and medium businesses, including:
1. Mount Pure – Water
2. G-Links / Grenada Association of Beekeepers (GAB) – Honey
3. Tambran by Tamara – Jewellery
4. Belmont Estate – Chocolates
5. Adate – Seasonings & Wines
6. The Grenada Chocolate Company – Chocolate
7. Tri Island Chocolates – Chocolate
8. The Camerhogne Enterprises Ltd. – Yogurt
9. Bernies Ice Cream – Ice Cream
10. Jouvay Chocolate – Chocolate
11. Crayfish Bay Organics – Chocolate
12. GRENROP – Seasonings, Peppers, Spices
13. ReneeScentsationz – Scented Candles

Capacity Building and Training for 40 Firms

Facilitated a one-day workshop with 40 stakeholders participating from a wide range of industries / sub-sectors. The workshop evaluation revealed that 100% of the respondents felt that the workshop achieved its objectives; nearly all of them (97%) indicated that the workshop met their expectations; 100% indicated that the workshop adequately addressed the issues; and 100% said that at the end of the workshop they had a better understanding of the trends and key issues in the global marketplace.

A Branding, Packaging and Labelling Guide

Development of a Branding, Packaging and Labelling Guide/Training Manual for Exporters to help them understand the global trends in branding, packaging and labelling; to get a better handle on the fundamentals and standards required for packaging and labelling; and to gain practical insights into how to brand their products to attract the right kind of buyers.

One-on-One Coaching for 5 Firms

Conceptualised, Designed and Delivered printed labels for 5 different products:
1. Honey
2. Seasonings
3. Peppers
4. Spices
5. Chocolates

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