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Grenada New Products, New Markets Plan

Grenada, known for its rich culture and diverse product offerings, sought to expand its reach in the global market. Recognizing the potential of non-traditional products and the opportunities presented by new markets, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Export Development of Grenada through the Commonwealth Secretariat commissioned Leve Global (formerly Tourism Intelligence International) to develop comprehensive export marketing plans to bolster Grenada’s export and trade capabilities and access global value chains.

To develop targeted marketing plans for 19 non-traditional products, aiming to penetrate 23 new markets, and to equip exporters with the tools and knowledge to successfully implement these plans.

Key Features & Implementation

Key Features & Implementation:

• 95 Comprehensive Marketing Plans: Developed 95 focused marketing plans tailored for 19 non-traditional products, ensuring a strategic approach to entering 23 new markets. Multiple plans were developed for each product for each of the target markets identified for the new product.
• Digital Marketing Emphasis: The marketing plans heavily emphasized digital marketing and e-commerce strategies, recognizing the growing importance of online platforms in global trade.
• Export Marketing Guide: Crafted a detailed Export Marketing Guide that serves as a comprehensive resource for existing and emerging exporters. This guide provides insights into various aspects of export marketing, from market research to branding.
• Capacity Building & Training: Delivered training to 30 firms, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to effectively implement the marketing plans. This training covered a wide range of topics, including:
o Identifying and qualifying new markets
o Conducting market research
o Developing a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
o Branding Strategies
o Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
o Content marketing techniques
o Social Media Marketing strategies
o Pay-Per-Click Advertising best practices
o Facebook Advertising and leveraging Audience Insights

Our Commitment:

The “New Products, New Markets Plan for Grenada” stands as a testament to Leve Global’s commitment to fostering growth and expanding horizons for its clients, particularly SMEs. By developing targeted marketing plans and providing firms with the necessary tools and training, we have paved the way for Grenada’s SMEs to shine on the global stage. At Leve Global, we believe in empowering businesses with the knowledge and strategies they need to thrive in competitive markets.

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