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Tanzania US Market Strategy


The US market is the most important global outbound market and the top overseas market for Tanzania. Developing strategies to grow this market was key.  As Americans typically use packaged tours for long haul trips, travel trade alliances and strategies to grow the US market were needed.

In addition, Tanzania needed to find ways to get American travellers to spend more and stay longer at the destination.

The Tanzania Tourist Board hired Leve Global to develop a Market Assessment, Marketing Strategy and Communications Plan to grow the American market.


The Market Assessment involved profiling and forecasting of American travellers; and determining how Americans think, feel and behave.

Marketing and Communications Strategy involved:

  1. Development of a marketing strategy for the US market
  2. Development of a Tour Operator Targeting Strategy
  3. Development of a Media Roll-Out Plan
  4. Development of a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy for the US market including a Social Media plan
  5. Development of a Marketing Strategy and Communications Plan targeting the American Travel Market
  6. Development of a demand forecast for arrivals to Tanzania from the US market


American Traveller Avatar

Identified the key interests and motivators of American travellers through the development of an American Traveller Avatar so that marketers can better understand who Americans are and how to effectively target them.

The Most Lucrative American Markets

Identified and assessed the most lucrative cities and states to guide targeted and focused marketing activities and ensure effective use of limited marketing budgets.

Laying the Foundation for Strong Travel Trade Partnerships

Developed a detailed database of American Tour Operators and Travel Agents to set the foundation for strong travel trade partnerships including address, email and telephone number and areas of specialisation.

Media Roll-Out Plan

Identified key media houses and distribution channels to target, for what purpose, and for which cities and states.

Effective Digital Marketing

Developed a comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan identifying which digital channels are most effective at targeting American travellers and how to effectively deploy digital marketing initiatives over a three year period.

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