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Jamaica New Products, New Market Project

Assignment: On the heels of the completion of the National Export Strategy for Jamaica (developed by Leve Global) we were further commissioned to develop Marketing Plans and Capacity Building to assist SME exporters to understand key global market and consumer trends and to access new and non-traditional markets. Solution: For each product we identified 5 new/non-traditional markets. For each market we identified major opportunities for market penetration, carried out market research and developed a marketing implementation plan. In addition to… Read More »Jamaica New Products, New Market Project

Peru - Leve Global

Peru SME Training & Capacity Building

Assigment: Building Capacity for Small Tourism Operators in Peru to Attract German Travellers Germany is perhaps one of the most sophisticated and experienced travel markets in the world.  The sheer size of the German travelling population married with the socio-cultural necessity of holiday-taking among Germans, make Germany a very lucrative source market for many overseas destinations. However, access this mature market is not easy, especially for small and upcoming tourism operators. As such, Leve Global was commissioned by the Swiss… Read More »Peru SME Training & Capacity Building

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