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Trade and Export Development Services

Crafting market-ready export strategies to re-engineer economies for regenerative growth

From Africa to the Americas, Leve Global has been helping countries, economies and sectors grow trade and improve exports. We have crafted innovative strategies to help brands, products and firms enter global value chains.


Our unique insights on global market and consumer trends, which we have been tracking for over 20 years, positions us to create market-ready and customer-focused strategies to reengineer economies and create real, resilient and regenerative growth for our clients.


Our trade and export development services include:

  • Market Research to create the right kind of intelligence to drive informed strategic planning
  • Sector Diagnostic Studies to identify issues and challenges, hone strengths, grab opportunities and mitigate against external risks
  • Crafting of Innovative Export Strategies – whether for an individual product, firm, an entire sector or a whole country, we craft winning export strategies to put you on the right path for growth and success
  • Sector / Product Prioritization – with limited resources countries and businesses often need a focused approach. We help you to prioritize sectors and products with the greatest potential for growth.
  • Helping Our Clients to Move Up the Value Chain – using state-of-the-art techniques, we help our clients to move up the value chain by recommending market-ready, customer-oriented, innovative solutions to create real wealth
  • Capacity Building – whether it is ecommerce development, package design, labelling requirements, phytosanitary standards, marketing, branding or market research, we provide training and coaching services to help our clients get it right. We do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.
  • Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation – we never leave our clients ‘hanging dry’. We provide the tools, techniques, systems and frameworks to ensure the successful implementation of our recommendations.


Trade and Export Development Projects:

  • National Export Strategy – Jamaica
  • National Export Strategy – Mozambique
  • National Export Strategy – The Gambia
  • Strategies for New Products and New Markets – Jamaica
  • Strategies for New Products and New Markets – Grenada
  • Export Capacity Building and Coaching – Branding – Jamaica
  • Export Capacity Building and Coaching – Packaging and Labelling – Grenada


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