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Development of the Chinese Travel Market to the Bahamas

The Bahamas, with its stunning beaches, rich culture, and vibrant tourism offerings, presents a compelling destination for global travellers. Recognizing the potential of the burgeoning Chinese travel market, the Ministry of Tourism for the Bahamas commissioned Leve Global (formerly Tourism Intelligence International) to develop a strategic initiative to tap into vast and dynamic Chinese Market. Objective: To design and implement a comprehensive strategy aimed at attracting Chinese tourists to the Bahamas, ensuring a deep understanding of the market dynamics, and… Read More »Development of the Chinese Travel Market to the Bahamas

Gambia National Export Strategy

The Gambia National Export Strategy

Assigment: The Gambia was plagued by political instability for a number of years, returning to democracy in 2016. The instability of the socio-political landscape left The Gambia behind many of its competitors. To bring the country back to a path of recovery, the National Development Plan 2018-2021 (NDP) was created. The NDP places great emphasis on poverty alleviation and recognises that, for real change to take place, new models needed to be adopted as past efforts to fight poverty were… Read More »The Gambia National Export Strategy

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