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Our Story

Our name has changed. Our commitment hasn’t.

From time to time companies must refresh and even re-orient themselves to stay abreast of change and ensure their services remain relevant.  And a change of name is often a critical part of the process.

Certainly, this has been true for us. In 2000, we transformed ourselves from Caribbean Futures Limited, to Tourism Intelligence International (TII).

In essence, after starting out in 1993 as an energetic and forward-looking regional tourism consultancy, we evolved into a company that was global in scope.  We compiled the experience and knowledge we had gained in the Caribbean from our base in Trinidad and Tobago and offered it to the world.

And now we are doing it again. Tourism Intelligence International (TII) has become Leve-Global.

The name Tourism Intelligence International served us well. It captured the essence of what we were about: providing our clients around the world with the very best “intelligence” – research, information, and analysis – on trends in travel and tourism, and helping industry players and countries become fit and ready for changes taking place in the marketplace.

We delivered such intelligence and advice to governments and private organisations in more than 100 countries. For over 15 years our bi-monthly newsletter Tourism Industry Intelligence provided strategic information for decision-makers.

But almost 20 years on, we sense the need once more to adapt our services to the emerging changes in the marketplace and to find a name that best reflects our new sense of purpose.

Simply put, that purpose now goes well beyond the provision of intelligence. Our mission now is to cooperatively elevate not only tourism but also trade and the very lives of the people who depend on these economic drivers.

And so, we now call ourselves Leve-Global. The word “leve” (pronounced lay vay) is a patois word that means “lift up”. It is a name that precisely reflects our mission today.

Indeed, it reflects a shift in the nature of our business that has been evolving for some time. Since 2015, we have been moving well beyond the boundaries of the travel and tourism sector, developing and implementing trade and export policies and strategies for a number of sectors.

These include financial services; professional services; IT-enabled services; agriculture and aquaculture; light manufacturing; quarrying and mining; culture and creative industries; and film and animation.

In 2015, we also launched our Leve Academy, with its central purpose of elevating skills and knowledge in the industry and creating more sustainable and responsible practices.  The Leve Academy aims to create and deliver intelligence for free to anyone in the world that has access to the Internet.

In essence, we are already deeply engaged in “lifting up” communities and economies by transforming sectors, attitudes and the very lives of the people we work with.  All of which makes our new name – Leve-Global – a perfect descriptor of what we can do, are doing, and will continue to do.

But while we have a new name, our values remain the same. We remain committed to being a catalyst for positive change.

Company Time Line

1993 - 2000

Caribbean Futures Limited

We started our journey in Trinidad and Tobago as Caribbean Futures Limited. Our promise to tourism industries in the region was “Innovative solutions for travel and tourism”.

We believed that the future of the Caribbean was intimately intertwined with the tourism industry. We still do.

We also believed the region needed innovative solutions to be globally competitive. Tourism and travel trends were changing so rapidly and radically that the Caribbean was at risk of falling behind because of old models.

In less than 10 years Caribbean Futures grew beyond the region, expanding its reach into Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.  For example, between 1994 and 1996 we helped develop tourism policies and growth strategies for South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.  Our voice was heard at national tourism conferences in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Clearly, we were no longer simply a Caribbean consultancy. We had evolved into much more, and we needed a new name to reflect that.

2000 - 2018

Tourism Intelligence

We started the new millennium with a new name: Tourism Intelligence International (TII). It was a perfect fit for the type of consultancy we had become: international in scope and with a laser-sharp focus on providing clients with the very best research, information and analysis on tourism and travel developments and trends.

Over the next 18 years TII built a worldwide reputation for the quality of our research, analysis, advice, and results-oriented strategic action planning. We recognised that tourism was being radically changed by travellers rather than by industry players and we shared what we learned through our highly valued market intelligence publications.

At the same time, TII helped develop and implement practical programmes to drive tourism growth in myriad countries, including South Africa and the Bahamas to name but a few.

2018 & Beyond


And now we are Leve-Global: re-oriented, re-purposed, energised and driven by our mission: To cooperatively elevate tourism, trade and the lives of the people we impact.