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Mozambique National Export Strategy

A National Export Strategy to Move the Economy Higher Up the Value Chain


Mozambique is a least developed country with low socioeconomic indicators. It was highly indebted and reliant on donor aid to enhance economic development. 

The country experiences many supply side challenges hindering trade competitiveness. Its market focus was very narrow, depending on a handful of traditional markets. The need for a National Export Strategy was evident and the Commonwealth Secretariat hired Leve Global to take up the challenge.

Key Project Outcomes


A number of activities were carried out in achieving the deliverables of this assignment including:

  1. A thorough audit and prioritisation of existing export sectors 
  2. Carried out three (3) interactive and highly-participatory, all-day Stakeholder Workshops in three of the Major cities:

    – Beira

    – Nampula

    – Maputo (capital)

  3. Analysed the country’s export environment and identified the critical factors impacting Mozambique’s medium and long term export prospects.
  4. Sector Situation Analysis and Review
  5. SWOT Analysis
  6. Competitive Analysis
  7. Developed value chains and identified strategic gaps and opportunities for value to be maximised and export competitiveness increased.
  8. Market assessment and prioritisation with a focus on expanding beyond the traditional markets
  9. Analysed foreign trade policy and made recommendations for the country to better take advantage of regional and global value chains
  10. Product assessment and prioritisation
  11. Action planning and strategic development
  12. Development of implementation framework


5 Priority Sectors Identified

1. Nuts,
2. Oil Seeds,
3. Creative Industries,
4. Fisheries (Crustaceans, Mollusks and Fish), and
5. Fruits and Vegetables.

5 Cross-Cutting Areas identified

1. Trade Information and Commercial Intelligence
2. Access to Finance
3. Skills Development
4. Transportation and Logistics, and
5. Quality Management and Standards

119 strategic initiatives at US $15 Million

The Mozambique National Export Strategy consisted of 119 strategic initiatives valued at over US $15 Million covering 5 priority sectors, 5 cross-cutting areas and implemented by over 20 public and private sector organisation.

Move Higher Up the Value Chain

Leve Global recommended strategies to encourage firms to move higher up the value chain and focus on organic agriculture to cater to high-end markets and market segments. For example, recommendation to focus on value-added processing for nuts exporting not just the raw form but more refined processed products such as, organic almond and macadamia milk.

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