Kevon Wilson

Kevon Wilson is Senior Analyst at Leve-Global (formerly Tourism Intelligence International) and has more than 15 years’ experience in marketing and tourism consultancy in countries around the world including Palestine, Mozambique, Malawi, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, the Bahamas, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Dominica, Germany, the UK and others.

Wilson was a key resource person for the EUR six million Eco Tourism Development Project in the Commonwealth of Dominica – a multi-faceted project focusing on Marketing, Community Development, Product Development, Human Resource Development and Private Sector Development implemented by Tourism Intelligence International (2003-2006).

Wilson was also a key expert in the development of the National Export Strategy (NES) for Jamaica (2015-2019) and for Mozambique (2016-2017). This included facilitating stakeholder consultations, workshops, strategy development, market assessment, global trends analysis and the development of the Export Strategy implementation framework. He also carried out field research in developing the Health and Wellness Sector Strategy for CARIFORUM in 2012 as well as the Regional Strategy for Caribbean Tourism (2016-2017).

Kevon Wilson graduated with Upper Second Class Honours in Management and Finance from the University of the West Indies.

As Senior Analyst, Wilson specialises in strategic planning, marketing, market assessment and market research.

He is also co-author of many of market intelligence reports including, The Paradigm Shift in Travel and Tourism – Win or Die, Big Data – Delivering the Big Picture to Drive Competitiveness, Travel and Tourism’s Top Ten Emerging Markets, How the Americans will Travel 2015, How Germans will Travel 2015, How the British will Travel 2015, Cities on the Rise – Competitive Strategies for City Tourism, Impact of Global Recession on Travel and Tourism, Old but Not Out – How to Win and Woo the Over 50s Market’, Sustainable Tourism Destinations – Lessons from the Leaders, Successful Hotels and Resorts – Lessons from the Leaders, to name a few.