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Destination Re-Engineering

Leve Global recognizes and understands that the global travel and tourism industry is changing rapidly and radically. There is a paradigm shift taking place in travel and tourism worldwide. The paradigm shift is driven by the ‘New Customers’ who are more knowledgeable and demanding. The paradigm shift in travel and tourism is facilitated by the rapid development and diffusion of new technologies such as the Internet. The environment is limiting growth. And local communities are becoming more demanding. As a result, destinations have had to become more caring, conscientious and responsible with regard to tourism development.

The paradigm shift creates more opportunities, but considerably more uncertainties for destinations and businesses. The rules of the game are changing; and they are changing fundamentally for everyone. 

Appearing clean, fresh and relevant to the ‘New Customers’ is a key challenge facing many established destinations.


“…Leve Global has an enviable track record in helping destinations to meet this challenge…”


We have helped several well-known destinations to reposition themselves to attract the ‘New Customers’ – a process we call “destination re-engineering“.


Tourism Projects:

  • Grenada Website Development and Social Media Outreach Plan
  • Montserrat Sustainable Tourism Strategy
  • CARICOM Regional Tourism Strategy
  • Climate Resilient Tourism Policy and Master Plan for Dominica
  • Tobago Underwater Attraction Feasibility Study and Marketing Plan

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