Where We Are

Lifting Up Lives. Promoting Love. Elevating Livelihoods.

Over the last 5 years, the Leve Academy has achieved 3 key milestones:

  1. Launch of the annual Leve-The Event in Tobago;
  2. Developed the Curriculum for the Academy; and
  3. Developed the ‘Brand You’ training video.
These are briefly explained below.

Lévé-The Event

Lévé is one of the initiatives of the not-for-profit Leve Academy. Lévé is the only Caribbean event that combines the creative industries of music, fashion, fine art, culture, cuisine, rum and rhythm into one exceptional event at one of the most fabulous locations in Tobago. Lévé presents to the world a fine cluster of exceptional brands and talent.

Lévé aims to create a marketplace to exchange ideas, products, creativity and talent and importantly, to grow the linkages between Tourism and the creative industries. Lévé aims to showcase, promote and market Caribbean lifestyle at its best. 

The Curriculum

In order to develop programmes to transform lives, promote love and improve livelihoods, a curriculum is an important tool. But it all starts with the transformation of the individual.

We developed a detailed curriculum with the aim of improving the quality of life post colonial societies and achieving our transformational goals: from rote to reason, loathing to loving, hopelessness to optimism, and insecurity to confidence. 

  1. Learning to love yourself, and be proud of who you are
  2. The Psychology and Science of Happiness
  3. Discover Your Life Vision and Purpose
  4. The Secrets to a Successful Life
  5. Creating a Winning Mind-set
  6. Branding Yourself
  7. How to Overcome Rejection
  8. Confidence Building
  9. Discover What is your Passion 
  10. Persuading with Attitude 
  11. Mastering Time
  12. Unlocking Your Inner Leader
  13. Discover Exactly What Customers Want
  14. Skills for Life
  15. Reading for Life
  16. English for Life
  17. Mathematics for Life
  18. Languages for Life
  19. Communication for Life
  20. Basic Health Skills
  21. General Knowledge
  22. Basic Financial Life Skills
  23. Sexual Health Education
  24. Becoming the Perfect Host

Our Achievements

1. Building awareness of the key reason (lack of confidence and self-worth) for the sub-optimal levels of development in the Caribbean.
2. Fostering a closer understanding between the Caribbean tourism sector and the Caribbean Aesthetic.
3. Exploring the linkages between tourism, the creative industries and the services sector.
4. Encouragement to move higher up the Caribbean Tourism Value Chain.
5. Increased promotion of the creative sectors – fine art, fashion, design, culture, cuisine, Rum, Rhythm, specialty foods (e.g. organic, hand-made chocolates), entertainment.
6. Increased sales and promotional tools for Caribbean Creatives (content development, quality photography, traditional and social media promotions, etc.).

The Next Steps

1. Identify and establish partnerships that share our Vision and assist with its implementation.
2. Roll out elements of the training and personal development programme.
3. Marketing and Promotion of the Programme.
4. Development of an online portal to make the programmes readily available.