Transforming Trade

We firmly believe that it is not aid but trade that will truly eradicate poverty in developing countries. As such, since 2014 we have been helping governments develop strategies to revolutionise their export sectors to meaningfully enter global value chains and reap the employment and economic benefits of international trade.

In 2014, we helped the government of Jamaica to develop their National Export Strategy targeting six priority sectors – Agro-processing / Agro Business, Film and Animation, Light Manufacturing, Information Technology Enabled Services (Business Process Outsourcing), Mining & Quarrying, and Nutraceuticals. We developed strategies to help micro, small and medium enterprises as well as established firms to advance higher up the value chain through the development of innovative products and services that cater to the needs of the markets. Strategies such as developing premium organically-grown fresh produce to cater to the discerning niche markets of North American and Europe or developing Big Data analytics capabilities to enter the Knowledge Process Outsourcing sector (a step up from Business Process Outsourcing) or using the power of technology to integrate diagonally and reach customers on deeper levels in light manufacturing, film and animation, ITES and agro-processing.

In Mozambique, we worked with the government to grow five key export sectors – crustaceans, molluscs and fish; fruits and vegetables; nuts; oil seeds; and the creative industries. We crafted innovative strategies to help Mozambican exporters to get in line with global trends.