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Tourism Intelligence International

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Tourism Intelligence International is a highly respected travel and tourism consultancy serving government and private sector clients in both established and emerging tourism destinations worldwide.  Tourism Intelligence International enjoys a worldwide reputation for the quality of research, analysis, advice and strategic planning in the field of international travel & tourism. Tourism Intelligence International is equally well respected for its abilities to help clients implement innovative processes that optimise the potential of individual operations as well as tourism sectors.

At Tourism Intelligence International we have earned a reputation for research, analysis and consultation that is often exhaustive.  However, we are results-oriented, not merely task-oriented.  We insist that good intelligence must lead to practical advice, clever competitive strategies, and innovative solutions to well-defined problems and guidelines to put them in place.

For nearly 30 years, Tourism Intelligence International has been successfully providing professional experience in the international travel and tourism industry to help destinations meet the challenges of ‘new tourism’.

” New Tourism” is tourism that is sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible, and mutually beneficial to visitors and host countries.

Tourism Intelligence International has successfully undertaken assignments in the following core areas:

  • Tourism Policy Development
  • Tourism Master Planning
  • Strategic Marketing of Tourism Destinations
  • Primary Market Research & Analysis
  • Niche Market Strategies and Development
  • Destination Marketing Plans
  • Design of Promotional Materials
  • Sustainable Tourism Policy Development and Integrated Tourism Destination Planning and Management
  • Tourism Marketing and Product Development
  • Strategic Planning, Strategy and Policy Development
  • Execution of Strategies
  • Human Resources Development
  • Quantitative market research and analysis
  • Institutional Strengthening & Capacity Building
  • Private Sector Development, Quality Standards and Export Readiness
  • Community-Based Tourism Development
  • Feasibility Analyses and Economic Impact Analyses
  • Programme Development, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation