LEVE Academy
our Purpose

Lifting Up Lives. Promoting Love. Elevating Livelihoods.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Leve Academy is to develop culturally-infused content and courses that will inculcate a passion for learning and improve the sense of self and self-worth among participants; make women and youth more employable; raise the levels of service excellence; and increase global competitiveness. We want to create a cadre of confident, informed and dynamic individuals that are comfortable and proud of who they are.

Transformational Goals

The main aim of the Leve Academy is to build confidence and grow talent that would elevate the lives and create opportunities for people in post-colonial societies. This would be achieved by opening the floodgates of learning through the development and delivery of online training programmes that are exciting, engaging, motivating and interactive – programmes that help people love and believe in themselves, and achieve our transformational goals.

Target Audience

Post colonial societies, particularly, women, youth, micro, small and medium-sized organisations (MSMEs), schools and educational institutions (primary, secondary and tertiary), workers, hosts, entrepreneurs and businesses in the hospitality and services sectors, and the cultural and the creative industries. Beneficiaries include virtually anyone with Internet access and a mobile phone, with a need and/or desire for personal development, primarily the youth and women.

Expected Results

1. Improve Service Excellence

Improved levels of service throughout all sectors of the economy delivered by highly confident, informed and dynamic service providers that are comfortable and proud of their Caribbean-ness.

2. Grow Competitiveness

Increased productivity and competitiveness in tourism and the service sector in the Caribbean through heightened service excellence.

3. Authentic Training Tools

Increase in the quantity, quality and modes of delivery of authentic Caribbean training tools and programmes that are exciting and engaging.

4. Increase Self-Worth

Increase self-worth and passion for learning among Caribbean people and increased demand for all aspects of knowledge and information.

5. Portal Development

An online portal developed to store and distribute the developed content to facilitate access by beneficiaries.

6. Digital Access

Beneficiaries, particularly women and youth, take advantage of FREE access to resources, curriculum, courses and content using both online/digital and traditional media.

7. Increase Opportunities

Increased employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to engage women and youth in all sectors of the economy.

8. Interesting, Exciting, & Engaging Content

Development of a comprehensive and recognised personal development and customer service education and training curriculum that is interesting, exciting, engaging, up-to-date, easy-to-use, relevant and relatable – training components based on local culture, norms and values, such as theatre, plays, storytelling, humour, poetry, music, art, morals, myths, traditions, beliefs, etc.

9. Appreciation of Caribbean Aesthetic

Increase recognition of the value of the Caribbean Aesthetic, Caribbean lifestyle and Caribbean-based education services, products and experiences.

10. Full Engagement of Partners

Full engagement of all partners – from schools and local communities to the government, businesses and civil society in the process of knowledge creation and dissemination.