Leve Academy
The Challenge

Lifting Up Lives. Promoting Love. Elevating Livelihoods.

The Challenge

Lives and Livelihoods Under Threat

Having grown up in a developing country (Trinidad and Tobago), and after more than thirty (30) working in developing countries – from Angola and Antigua to Barbados, Dominica, Indonesia, St. Lucia South Africa, and Zambia, I have never stopped asking the question: why are people in developing countries not developing; why are they not resilient; why are they not developing faster; what keeps them down; what can be done to make a difference; to alleviate suffering. And people are suffering.  Poverty, abuse, drugs, AIDS, unemployment, you name it, peoples’ lives and livelihoods are under threat.  Covid-19 merely exacerbates this problem. But how do we alleviate poverty? How to increase the chances of sustainable success?

Many programmes that offer assistance do exist – from free education, condoms, medicine, subsidised jobs, welfare and food stamps.  But problems persist.  

We need to recognise that the solution to AIDS is not a drug or a condom, but a confident man and woman. And we need to focus on building this confidence; this hope; this belief in self; belief in the future and grow the love of self – our brown hair and black skin!

Building Confidence is Key

After some deep thought and some soul-searching, I have come to the conclusion that at the heart of the problem lies a lack of belief in oneself; a lack of sense of self and self-worth.  This leads to a lack of confidence and lack of sense of self-worth; and not believing that we have what it takes to succeed – a sense of hopelessness. 

Established in 2015, our Leve Academy has the sole purpose of elevating lives by unleashing an important trigger – love and belief in oneself. 

Unless developing countries learn to love themselves; to not be ashamed of their history, or colour of their skin, the texture of their hair, or their tumultuous heritage, the gateways of learning will be blocked.  Poverty, abuse, drugs, AIDS, unemployment, disease will continue to be the order of the day.

Just as the lack of ‘sense of self’ has been a systematic, deliberate process, the process of loving oneself needs to be a systematic and deliberate process.  Yet, for all programmes of studies, this level is simply assumed away; missing.  The curriculums used in developing country schools, for example, are exactly the same as those in the developed ‘mother’ countries.  And this is despite vase differences in experience, culture, norms and historical conditions.

Leve Global believes that a level is missing – the level that teaches you to love and appreciate who you are; to be confident.  Without this missing link, many other programmes will be less than effective.  Our Leve Academy aims to fill this gap.

How does one intervene?
How can one make a difference?

Firstly, it is important to understand and recognise that this lack of self-worth IS the problem. The education system all start with the fundamental assumption that we are equal; that everyone starts at the same level; that everyone is equal; that slavery, exploitation and in indentureship did not happen.

At the same time, the lack of sense of self has been a systematic, deliberate process. Not surprising, the hate of self, the loathing of everything black; the yearning to be white; the worship of white; of fair; of foreign is still the order of the day. We need a systematic approach to solve this problem of lack of self-love. Otherwise, our education system will just be creating zombies, fed on rote; in capable of innovation and business acumen.