Our Supporters

Sharing our Vision and Elevating Lives

Our Supporters

We would like to especially acknowledge those who continue to share our vision of elevating lives around the world, particularly in post-colonial societies.

NB: Our Leve / Tourism Intelligence Academy was established in 2015 . It is as a not-for-profit organisation in Trinidad and Tobago. Its Directors are Dr. Auliana Poon, Roseline Poon and Kevon Wilson.

Our supporters include private corporations, government agencies, and global citizens who believe in what we do.

Creative Partners

Leve The Event, one of the initiatives of the Leve Academy, has benefitted tremendously from the contributions from our Creative Partners. These creative and talented individuals – artists, chefs, designers, writers, etc. – share in the Leve vision ‘to uplift’; to elevate, talent, creativity and people.

Here are some of our creative partners who share in our vision:

Richard Young’s passion for things Caribbean is legendary. He is consumed by an avid preoccupation with our distinctive way of expressing and imaging our uniquely idiosyncratic Caribbean Travel Lifestyle and Aesthetic. Richard is recognised as one of the leading Creative Directors, copywriters, script crafters, and orators in the Caribbean. 

Young’s talent as a Creative Director, Producer, and prolific impresario has led to him become one of the most sought after creative industry consultants in the region. He has been consistently producing and directing creative programmes and initiatives.

And wee are proud to have Richard as Leve’s Creative Designer. He has supported us in orchestrating and directing three of the four Leve events at the fabulous Villa Being in Tobago.

Richard Young

Creative Designer

Kerron Riley is a Lifestyle and Fashion Photographer, Digital Content Curator, and Entrepreneur. Kerron is known for his unique photographic style that is as complex and as beautiful as his mixed heritage.

He has been privileged to photograph Queen Elizabeth II; the former President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama; and several world leaders, celebrities and local personalities.

Kerron Riley is the official Photographer and Digital Content Curator at Leve Global. And has contributed his time, talent and techniques to making Leve’s moments and memories come to life in his unique photographic style. 

Kerron Riley

Photographer and Digital Content Curator

Shastri Maharaj is a teacher, writer, and painter.  He is a practicing artist for more than three decades. Shastri produced more than a dozen one-man exhibitions in Trinidad, Canada, Germany and India. He participated in several mixed art exhibitions in the USA, Barbados, Cuba, Jamaica, England, Holland and Suriname.

Shastri Maharaj contributed to the development of Leve through his partnership and auctioned one of his art pieces at the 2018 Leve event. 50% of the proceeds of this auction went to the Academy; the balance was retained by the artist.

Shastri Maharaj


Kenwyn Crichlow is one of the foremost fine artists in Trinidad and Tobago, and the wider Caribbean. He has a passion for transforming colour materials into palpable experiences through his paintings. Such is the foundation of his studio practice. Crichlow’s works have been exhibited in many places, including Port of Spain, Miami, Bridgetown and London.

Critchlow supports the Leve Academy. In his collection dedicated to Leve 2018, ‘Into Lighted Space’ he engages the spiral, its curving lines, turning, and stretching upwards in communion with notions of ascent and aspiration. Crichlow wants these paintings to amplify understanding of the spiral as a discipline of measured certainty, and the “undisciplined” meander as transcendent spirit that opens colour material into “the thing itself” – that underlying sensibility; that barely controllable winding through sights and sounds, into intimacies of taste and smells, a-slipping and a-sliding into a language of sensual peril, hope and pleasure. 

Critchlow contributed one of his pieces (1st in gallery below), valued at US $3,500.00, of which 80% of the proceeds will be donated to the Leve Academy. The piece, Turquoise Star, is 36 x 24ins oil paint and 22 carat gold leaf on cotton canvas.

Name: Turquoise Star

Ken Critchlow



Earle Darius Etienne is the most recognized and influential of Dominican artists. He was born on 24th of February 1957 in Dominica. He painted and experimented with different painting styles , genres, media, and exhibited annually before attending the Jamaica School of Art . He is best known for his smoke technique, the use of African retention of traditional dance, dancers and Carnival. His works are influenced by ancestral, cultural, spiritual, physical, and other aspects of his Dominica environment.

Earle contributed one of his original works to the Leve Academy. This remains the property of the Academy to date.

Earle Darius Etienne


Executive Chef Adrian Cumberbatch is a top Caribbean Chef. He trained under renowned chefs from around the globe, including Chef Rich Lee, Chef Michael Harrison, and Chef Jean-Claude Plihon, just to name a few. 

Chef Adrian’s, superlative talent and his passion for taking Caribbean Cooking to the next level, is perfectly aligned with the goals of Leve Global – to uplift talent in all of the creative sectors, including culinary arts.

Chef Adrian Cumberbatch (centre) believes in and supports the Leve movement. Chef Cumberbatch contributed his creative and culinary talents into making the Academy’s annual promotional events – Leve – in 2017 and 2018 a resounding success.

Executive Chef Adrian Cumberbatch


Executive Chef, Xenon Thomas, is as passionate about food as he is about Tobago. This is why he has combined these two loves of his to deliver mouth-watering, exquisite and never-seen-before culinary creations.

We are proud to feature Chef Xenon as Leve’s partner Chef. Leve is all about elevating talent and Chef Xenon has talent in leaps and bounds. Xenon has been one of our resident chefs at Villa Being for the past two years and he has never disappointed our clients.

This year, Chef Xenon has put together a masterpiece collection of culinary delights for Leve 2019. Lion Fish Ceviche, Snapper Nigiri, Calalloo Uri Maki rolls, Bhaji & Bokbok Arancini on Sweet Beet Gel, Tobago Curried Goat and Cassava Gnocci, and Dark Chocolate-coated Sugar Cake are just examples of what you can discover at Leve 2019.

Chef Xenon aptly demonstrates how you can take local ingredients and dishes and elevate them to match and even surpass any international presentation.

Executive Chef Xenon Thomas owns and operates Brown Cow restaurant in Crown Point and is committed to elevating Tobago’s cuisine to higher and higher levels. It is safe to say that Xenon’s restaurant, Brown Cow, is a true fine-dining and gourmet experience in Tobago. And Xenon is certainly, one of the best sushi Chefs on island without a doubt. From his calalloo sushi to his lobster ceviche, Chef Xenon orchestrates everyday new culinary feats that are out of this world.

Executive Chef Xenon Thomas

Jason Nedd was born on the island of Tobago and started drawing at an early age. He continued with his passion for drawing at the Roxborough Composite School where the Tobago Art Committee recognised him for outstanding achievement in art.

Jason continues with a rapid improvement in the medium of oil. His accomplishments came through further reading, studying, experimenting and hard work, leading him to expand his expertise as an artist.

Jason Nedd Contributed to the Leve Academy by putting up one of his pieces for auction at Leve-The Event in 2019. The piece was auctioned for TTD $6,000. All proceeds were made to the Leve Academy. This contribution was used to fund the studies of Christine St. Marie, a Dominican student pursuing a Law Degree at the Hugh Wooding School of Law.

Jason Nedd


Global Citizens

These global citizens’ contributions were made possible through the initiative of Dr. Christian Potthoff-Sewing. Christian believes in the mission of the Academy to elevate lives in the Caribbean and elsewhere. And at his 60th birthday celebrations in 2020, he requested all presents to be gifted to the Leve Academy in lieu of personal gifts. 

This action raised Euros 10,000.

  • Laszlo Gellen
  • Laszlo Folding
  • Ernst Ludwig
  • Stefanie Haaks
  • Stefan Matschuk
  • Dietmar Engel
  • Mattias Baller
  • Christoff Hentzen
  • Bernhard Klofat
  • Christian Moeller
  • Miriam Kerkhoff
  • Markus Kerkhoff
  • Klaus Steffans
  • Heidi Steffans
  • Peter Potthoff-Sewing
  • Peter Luehr
  • Dominique Tigges Cather
  • Gunter Franzke
  • Nikola Bourdoux-Klofat
  • Martina Engler-Smith