Abu Dhabi Tourism Policy and Strategy

Leve Global helps Abu Dhabi to establish their tourism industry through the development of the Abu National Tourism Strategy and Strategy.


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The Challenge for Abu Dhabi 

The Capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, was being overshadowed by the rapidly growing sister city of Dubai. As such, Abu Dhabi needed to take its rightful place among the world’s capital cities and as a thriving tourism destination.


Tourism in Abu Dhabi was growing but needed to be strategically planned and developed. What type of tourism would be appropriate for Abu Dhabi? Should the Capital City follow the route that Dubai had taken? Or should it develop along completely different lines?


Abu Dhabi Tourism Policy


Key questions that needed to be answered were,

  • “How do the local people want their city to develop?
  • How can tourism satisfy the local demand for recreation?
  • Which projects policies, strategies are needed to guide the tourism sector?
  • How can tourism develop without endangering the culture and traditions of the country?


How We Helped Abu Dhabi Establish itself as a Tourism Destination

  • Leve Global assembled a multi-disciplinary team of experts made up of marketing experts, researchers, economists, statistical and financial analysts, and tourism experts.
  • Analysis of the perception of Abu Dhabi in Europe through expert one-on-one interviews with key industry partners and surveys in 2 main European Markets (Germany and UK).
  • Statistical analysis and forecasts of performance and prospects by markets as well as by region.
  • Product assessment through on-site visits.
  • Expert interviews with ALL key local stakeholders.
  • Secondary research & analysis of international, regional, consumer and industry trends.
  • Presentations of preliminary findings, discussion sessions, brainstorming meetings and continuous feedback from and with stakeholders


Leve Global Consultants


The Results

  • Developed the institutional framework for the establishment of the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority.
  • The National Tourism Policy and Strategy were developed.


The final result was that we advised Abu Dhabi to ‘stay different’ from Dubai; to focus on its culture, heritage and traditions, to focus on quality and excellence and not quantity;and to assume its role as a true capital of the Emirates, with an appropriate icon – The Pearl – a pearl-like glass structure on 11 floors, out at sea, that would celebrate the life and times of its late Ruler Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (1971-2004).



How is Abu Dhabi’s Tourism Sector  Performing?

Today, Abu Dhabi’s visitor numbers have gone up more than expected. They ended  2017 with over five million hotel guests. And have witnessed an average growth rate in visitor arrivals of around ten per cent according to the Abu Dhabi Tourist Board. This type of growth is expected to continue in the short to medium term.