Our Projects

Leve-Global, formerly Tourism Intelligence International, has implemented a number of projects across a wide variety of countries, sectors and clients.

There are a number of reasons we are suitable to carry out your next project as we seek to elevate tourism, trade and lives.

Here are five (5) reasons why:

 1. We “Hit the Ground Running”

One of the advantages that Leve-Global will bring to your project is that we can ‘hit the ground running’.  Consider that:

  1. TII has a broad and varied international experience in many countries around the world including Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific. With clients in over 100 countries around the world, we have our pulse on the key global trends taking place.
  2. Particularly, with our vast team of experts, we bring local experience as well as international know-how.
  3. Our Leve-Global team has an enviable track record in identifying and delivering strategies, plans and policies to many countries and destinations around the world – Lesotho, South Africa, Abu Dhabi, Mozambique, Malawi, Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis, Jamaica, Palestine and many others.
  4. In addition, Leve-Global has experience in developing country Export Strategies and New Market, New Products Strategies for countries such as Palestine, Jamaica, and Mozambique.
  5. Leve-Global has extensive experience in stakeholder consultations. Leve-Global has extensive experience in using the tried and tested interactive German Goal Oriented Project Planning (G.O.P.P.) methodology for stakeholder consultations. GOPP will be one of the most powerful analytical tools used for diagnostics and planning in this assignment.
  6. A strong market intelligence-based company, Leve-Global, has a strong understanding of global and regional market, product, consumer and economic trends in a variety of sectors.

For all of these reasons, Team Leve-Global can “hit the ground running” and quickly deliver results.

2      We are a Market-Driven Company

In today’s globally competitive environment, countries have to take a completely different approach to their development. A new paradigm is driving change – customers are now in control.  It is, therefore, critically important to know, understand, anticipate and exceed customers’ expectations in order to deliver the right brand message.  It is in first knowing and understanding your market, that products can be targeted to meet the demand.

Leve-Global understands the need to be market-driven as, for the past three decades, the company has been providing, critical market and consumer intelligence to countries and companies globally, helping them to better understand their customers.  For example, comprehensive research has already been carried out by Tourism Intelligence International in 300+page reports each on the German, American, the British, Japanese and the Emerging markets.

The implementation of your project will, therefore, be based, not only on the needs of the country or company, but most importantly, on the needs of investors and key markets for Lesotho’s priority export products and services. In this regard, the match between the country brand and the markets will be critical.

3      A Strong Track Record in Delivery

Leve-Global believes in going above and beyond in delivering our promise to our clients.  We believe that making a difference, and not merely making money, is critical to the long-term success.  In our 25 years of consultancy we have never missed a deadline on a single project.

We pride ourselves in surpassing the expectations of our clients by delivering more than we proposed. Quality and value are two hallmarks of our approach to project delivery.  For example, on our project in Mauritius there were certain key emerging trends that warranted a visit to Seychelles.  Although a trip to Seychelles was not budgeted and would be an additional cost to our company we insisted that such an expense was necessary in order to deliver the kind of quality that our client deserved.

In many of our projects we even bring on additional / unbudgeted experts to provide technical backstopping if the need arises.  We believe that the cost of a failed or sub-par project is far greater than incurring additional and unforeseen expenses.  The final outcome to our clients and our company’s reputation are of critical importance to us.

4      Innovation-Oriented

Leve-Global aims to deliver a tailor-made solution for our clients. We truly believe that there are no ready-made remedies to be ‘dished out’ to clients. To every problem, to every client, Leve-Global delivers unique and innovative solutions.

Moreover, we work closely with our clients and stakeholders to build the skills and processes in order to find solutions and create ‘ownership’ of the solutions developed.

For example, Leve-Global developed the ‘Tourism Begins at Home’ programme in the Bahamas where the industry provided 12,000 opportunities for Grand Bahama Island’s 5,000 employees to be a tourist in their own island – learning to play golf, dine at restaurants, swim with dolphins, sleep at hotels and dine at restaurants.  This programme sparked the turnaround the industry in the early 1990s. Click here to read more about this project.


We also invented the concept of ‘Responsible Tourism’ for post-Apartheid South Africa that saw a rapid expansion of the sector.  A Caribbean ‘Spa & Wellness’ strategy was also recently developed with the positioning: ‘Spa and Wellness Caribbean Style – Love Life. Live Longer’.


      5  A Powerhouse of Market Research

For more than 20 years, Leve-Global, (formerly Tourism Intelligence International) has published its own research market reports focusing on best practices, current and future global trends and insights on key markets such as, the American, British, German and Japanese markets.

How Americans Will Travel 2015, for example, is a 300-plus-page report, supported by over 50 tables and graphs, which provides a valuable all-in-one source of information including the results of a tour operator survey on the American outbound travel market. This research publication provides the latest trends, data and the essential information needed to understand and target the world’s largest tourist-generating market – USA, UK, German and Japan as well as the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

Other reports include: ‘The Paradigm Shift in Travel and Tourism’, ‘Big Data – Delivering the Big Picture to Drive Competitiveness’, ‘How Americans will Travel 2015’, ‘How Germans will Travel 2015’, ‘Travel and Tourism’s Top Ten Emerging Markets’, ‘Impact of Global Recession on Travel and Tourism’, ‘How the British will Travel 2015’, ‘Successful Tourism Destinations – Lessons from the Leaders’, ‘Success Hotel Resorts – Lessons from the Leaders’, ‘Sustainable Tourism Development – A Practical Guide for Decision Makers’, etc.

Recent Market Intelligence Publications