Our Clients

…For more than two decades, Leve Global has been helping countries to “get it right”…

Leve-Global has worked with a wide cross-section of clients from all across the globe. From Africa to the Americas, Asia to the Middle East, and Europe to the Indian Ocean, Leve Global has helped governments and emerging economies and sectors to develop blueprints for sustainable and responsible economic growth. Indeed, sustainability is the driving force behind Leve Global’s core operations. It is our raison d’etre.

Many emerging economies are now building export sectors that are designed to act as a catalyst for other sectors of the economy; uplift local communities; protect cultures; and guard precious natural resources from degradation. Click here to see how we can help you?


Country Experience
Abu Dhabi   Malawi  
Australia   Mauritius  
Bahamas   Montserrat  
Barbados   Mozambique  
Belize   Namibia  
Botswana   Palestine  
Canada   Portugal  
Commonwealth of Dominica   RETOSA and SADC member states  
Cuba   Reunion Island  
Dubai   Seychelles  
Dutch Caribbean   Saint Lucia  
Germany   Singapore  
Grenada   South Africa  
Guyana   South Asia  
Iceland   Spain  
Indian Ocean   St. Vincent and the Grenadines  
Jamaica   Swaziland  
Japan   Tobago  
Jordan   Trinidad and Tobago  
Lesotho   United Kingdom  
Madagascar   USA