Marketing and Branding Strategy - tobago

Marketing and Branding Strategy for an Underwater Attraction in Tobago

Project: Marketing and Branding Strategy for an Underwater Attraction in Tobago

Client: Inter-American Development Bank

Beneficiary: The Island of Tobago

Duration: 9 Months

The challenge

Coral reefs provide substantial economic services to many coastal communities in Tobago. The Buccoo community is most impacted. The Buccoo Reef Marine Park (BRMP) is Tobago’s main tourism attraction with over 50% of the island’s tourists visiting the site.  The economic contribution of tourism associated with the reef alone has been estimated at USD 7-8.8 million per year. 

In addition to Buccoo Reef’s tourism value, it protects a low-lying and developed section of Tobago’s shoreline from erosion and storm damage, avoiding an estimated USD 5.6-10 million per year in damages.

Over the years the ecosystem has been negatively impacted by overcapacity of visitors to the site and excessive land-based pollution. Additionally there are more recent negative impacts related to climate change in which mass coral reef bleaching events. These impacts will most likely be exacerbated if measures are not put in place to alleviate the level of stressors to the ecosystem. As such, the Inter-American Development Bank retained our team to carry out a Financial Feasibility Study on the implementation of a proposed Underwater Art Installation to drive traffic away from the sensitive  Buccoo Reef.


  • Carried out an analysis of the marketing and branding strategies and initiatives of similar underwater attractions around the world such as Grenada, the Bahamas, Lanzarote and Cancun.
  • Carried out an analysis of the marketing strategies employed by the Tobago Division of Tourism to determine possible opportunities for collaboration and avoid duplication.
  • Evaluated the possible marketing opportunities for the installation such as social media, website, collateral materials, brochures, trade show participation, road show participation, and traditional media such as TV, radio and print media.
  • Extensive stakeholder consultations with different stakeholder groups (hoteliers, dive tour operators, boat operators, marine tourism stakeholders, public sector officials, environment stakeholders, etc.)
  • Brainstormed possible branding ideas with stakeholders and design team
  • Developed multiple brand concepts and tested these concepts amongst stakeholders and visitors (both domestic and international) to determine which brand was more attractive or favourable in the market
  • Tested the brand concepts in the respective markets – USA, UK, Caribbean, Trinidad, Germany.


Creative Branded Artwork

Delivered the artwork for the final concept including the development of a logo, branded artwork for collateral materials, call cards, t-shirts, cups, towels, umbrellas, etc.

A New Brand for Tobago

Developed a distinct, unique, and highly-attractive brand – Water Colors.

A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Crafted a detailed marketing and communications strategy and action plan for up to five years.

Market Positioning

Determined the positioning of the underwater attraction in the main source markets (UK, Germany, USA, Scandinavia and Trinidad).

Branding Strategy & Guidelines

Developed a branding strategy with comprehensive brand guidelines.

The Brand Message

Crafted different brand options and messages for future roll out.