Lévé - The Event

What is Lévé?

Lévé is an initiative of Leve Global. Lévé is the only Caribbean event that combines the creative industries of music, fashion, fine art, culture, cuisine, rum and rhythm into one exceptional event at one of the most fabulous locations in Tobago. Lévé will present to the world a fine cluster of exceptional brands and talent of Trinidad and Tobago. Lévé aims to create a marketplace to exchange ideas, products, creativity and talent and importantly, to grow the linkages between Tourism and the creative industries. Lévé aims to showcase, promote and market Caribbean lifestyle at its best.



Why Lévé?

There could not be a better time to Lévé – to lift up the Caribbean. In this economic environment, we need to uplift and promote talent, to create new markets and earn foreign exchange. We believe that it is not the energy in the ground (oil), but the energy of the people of Trinidad and Tobago that will drive its future success, diversification and the much-needed foreign exchange earnings. We need the world to ‘feel’ our energy.


The Meaning of Lévé

Lévé is a creole word that means to ‘lift up’. Lévé aims to lift up Trinidad and Tobago, by drawing upon the aura, beauty and excellence of our twin-island Republic – fine art, fashion, cuisine, culture, rum and rhythm, and most importantly, the energy and talent of our people.     The dawn of this invitation-only Tobago Jazz event reflects a coming together of creative excellence. Its birth heralds an uplifting of spirits, products, destinations, people and unassailable talent. Lévé is more than an event. It is a movement – a movement that sets the stage and provides a platform for the marketing, promotion, sales and export of the best talent and great products from T&T and the Caribbean.