Is Europe Losing the Plot?

Europe has made inadequate investment in its digital infrastructure, and specifically, Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Europe is not even in the race for AI leadership, with USA and China in pole positions.

Europe relies too much on the USA for ‘Protection’ – the Middle East is in Europe’s backyard (a mere 4 hours from Berlin to Tel Aviv and twice the time from New York), yet the USA is responsible for the security of Europe, although it is well-known that Americas‘s motives are not entirely altruistic.

Europe has been too inward-focused, missing the bigger global picture.

The European Union has been on an internal expansion path, welcoming more than a dozen new members since 2000 (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania.

Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia) and not focusing enough on deepening and consolidating the Union. Brexit could be a consequence.

Even Germany for the past 30 years has been busy integrating East Germany and taking on the impossible tasks of making them equal and happy.

Could it be that Europe has abandoned the Middle East, and specifically the burning problems there (e.g.

Palestine/Israel question), but instead picking up the pieces (Syrian refugees), rather that solving problems at source – problems that most agree cannot be solved?

Has Europe properly owned up to problems created – e.g. Slavery and the de-colonising of Africa?

Leaving the colonies ‘high and dry’, for the Chinese and Russians to ‘clean up’?

Has Europe completely missed the ‘green wave’ – unable to play the leading role/developer/innovator of new, clean and green technologies that it could and possibly should, rather than reverting to cheating (e.g.

VW’s emission scandal)?

Food for Thought from Dr. Auliana Poon, Tourism, Trade, Technology and Humanity Expert

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