China is the New Colonial ‘Kid on the Block’

China for has for the last few decades amassed an enormous trade surplus, a total of USD 42.81 billion in October of 2019. China has imitated, reversed engineered, stolen technologies and infringed on patents to produce goods cheaper than anywhere else in the world.
This surplus of cash, combined with intelligence, long-range vision, deliberate and meticulous planning, has managed to infiltrate and build trade links  with almost every country on the planet.  The secret – People and Money.  China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative, with all of its travails,  is a brilliant, masterminded route to China’s global trade dominance.  

Note that China’s approach to Colonialism is slightly different  It is about Money, Money, Money.  It is not about culture and convincing Africans that they are French, as the French did;  or educating and refining the backward natives as the British did.  It does not matter if you speak Chinese, or like China,  or if you are Democratic, or not.  What matters is how lucrative the deal is and how much money to be made for China.  

While China has a ‘Grand Plan’ for world dominance,  most recipient countries do not consider carefully the role they play in China’s growing global web of influence.  They should.  We should wake up and take notice.  

Think about it. 

Food for Thought from Dr. Auliana Poon, Tourism, Trade, Technology and Humanity Expert

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