Elevating Lives

Transferring Knowledge and Building Skills

Whether we are working on a project or working with a community, we firmly believe in uplifting the talent and building the skills of the people we impact.

Our policy is to listen to, engage, involve, uplift talent and transfer knowledge to the communities and people we work with. For our projects, we work very closely with local counterparts and support institutions to transfer knowledge, deliver methodologies, share technologies and ensure sustainability after we are finished with our assignment. We never do the same thing twice in the same location because we ensure that after a project is completed the people we worked with are fully equipped and enabled to carry out similar processes on their own.

We believe that the sustainability of our projects is integral to the impact and long term legacy we want to leave behind in the communities, countries and economies we’ve touched. Too often, after the end of consultancies, reports remain on a bookshelf collecting dust. Our objective is to avoid this by training clients to implement the respective strategies after the end of the consultancy, as well as to create buy-in and ownership of the final outputs. This approach leads to sustainability and the elevation of lives.


Elevating Talent

Our objective to elevate lives goes beyond the scope of projects and consultancies. We believe that the true wealth of a nation is not the resources that come from the ground (oil, gold, minerals, etc.) but the resources of its people (talent, intelligence, positive attitudes and mindsets). As such, in 2015 we launched our Leve Academy.

The aim of the Leve Academy is to improve the quality of service and the quality of life in developing countries, starting with the Caribbean. We intend to achieve this objective through the development and delivery of FREE online training programmes that are exciting, engaging, motivating and interactive – Caribbean-infused content and courses that will inculcate a passion for learning and improve the sense of self and self-worth among participants; make women and youth more employable; and raise the levels of service excellence and competitiveness of the Caribbean tourism and related service sectors. We want to create a cadre of confident, informed and dynamic service providers that are comfortable and proud of their Caribbean-ness.

The course content will be uniquely based on the culture of the Caribbean (art, humour, poetry, plays, skits, theatre, etc. – some already existing and some to be created). The unique aim of these courses is to allow participants to grow an appreciation of their natural skills, culture, history and assets; to appreciate the Caribbean and its environment; and to become excited about service excellence.

The idea is that the love to serve and the passion to deliver service excellence are born out of a love and appreciation of self. Too often, Caribbean people try to be someone else and we are ashamed of who we are. This project aims to promote and value the Caribbean-ness of the islands and heighten the appreciation of Caribbean lifestyle, aesthetic, culture and creative arts, starting with its adorable people.

We recognise the importance of talent and the service and creative industries in building true economic well-being for the people of the Caribbean. Be it tourism, the creative industries, professional services or trade, services can truly dynamise our economy and bring economic prosperity.

Our aim is to ‘uplift’ talent in all facets of the tourism, services industries and trade; to demonstrate that valuable linkages can be created between tourism and the creative industries; and to develop a marketplace where talent and great products can be more firmly integrated into Caribbean lifestyle and its valuable and growing travel and tourism industry. This objective holds true to our ethos of ‘corporate elevation for tourism, trade and lives’.