China is Great Again

Think about it.

Two main world super powers – the USA and Great Britain both want to be ‘Great’.

But it is CHINA that has quietly become Great again.

China is growing faster than most countries in the world (three times faster than the USA, in 2019); has brought 850 million people out of extreme poverty; boasts 4.4 million millionaires and 285 billionaires; has already spent US$200 billion on its ‘belt and road’ initiative that will see the construction roads, railways, highways and ports to connect Chinese goods to markets everywhere; and China is very likely to win the Artificial Intelligence race.

What does this mean for the world, for America, for Europe, and for small Island states like the in the Caribbean?

Think about it.

Food for Thought from Dr. Auliana Poon, Tourism, Trade, Technology and Humanity Expert

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