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Villa Being Tobago

Looking for a unique Caribbean holiday experience that is rejuvenating, peaceful, private, romantic, sensual, fun, stylish and sexy? Then Villa Being, Tobago is the place to BE.

As you may know, we have been working on perfecting the Art of Being – Creating the Ultimate Cure to the Common Holiday by marrying sustainability with elegance and sexiness. We believe that we have come close.

Have a look for yourself at the short video of Villa Being in Tobago:

Visit our website: www.Being-Tobago.com 

Being is located in one of Tobago’s most picturesque locations – Arnos Vale. It is on a five-acre organic fruit estate, offering breath-taking, 180-degree views of the Caribbean Sea. Being is built to allow guests to have a sensual experience of nature. There are astonishing views of the Caribbean Sea everywhere – from every room, nook or spot be it the bedrooms, patios, dining or living spaces. Even the bathrooms and showers are designed to bring the outdoors in. Vistas of the sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset can be appreciated from virtually anywhere on the property.

Being is not only High on Elegance, we are also High on Sustainability.

We offer true Sustainable Elegance, featuring 100% local TALENT (architects, engineers, designers, landscapers, cooks, massage therapists and more); 100% local ingredients; organic agriculture; ‘no artificial ingredients’; and we recycle and reuse. Even our elegant outdoor furniture, that stay outdoors year-round (cushions and all), are made from recycled plastic milk bottles!

At Being we take pride and joy in being able to create opportunities for our partners in the local community of Plymouth. From our chef, Elroy to John our masseur, we outsource all of our services as a means of offering community members a chance to benefit from tourism for real. And we allow them to enjoy 100% of the revenues they receive from guests. We neither charge them a fee for using our facilities nor a commission on their services. We provide live and direct exposure and ‘market access’ for their products. The Result: our guests are happy; our partners in the local community are happy; so therefore, we are happy! And Happiness equals profitability.

But sustainability does not stop there. Take Terrence, our gardener, for instance. We were able to help him start his own lawn cutting business by purchasing a weed whacker for him for which he repaid on flexible terms at no interest. He was also given the opportunity to use the villa’s van at zero cost to be able to carry out his activities. The van was later sold to him through an interest free loan provided by the company. Today, Terrance owns his own vehicle, owns his own business, has just completed building his house and has a team of employees working for him in his business. Now THAT is sustainability!

Villa Being

Villa Being, Tobago – Front Entrance View

Villa Being

Villa Being, Tobago – View from the Ocean

Villa Being also worked closely with our local Tobago community in Plymouth to develop “Street Beat”, an event that celebrated local talent but also show community members in a practical way how they can benefit from tourism, enhance Tobago’s offerings and create an unique island and community experience for visitors.  Street Beat is a fine example of public sector, private sector and community partnership (PPCP) for progress.
In addition, at Villa Being, there are no artificial ingredients.  Our cleaning chemicals, building materials and décor are 100% eco-friendly; our fruit estate is 100% organic; the architecture, design, art and engineering are 100% Caribbean and the people are 100% local.
So, if you are looking for a unique villa holiday experience in Tobago that is rejuvenating, peaceful, private, romantic, sensual, fun, stylish, sustainable and sexy then Being is the place to BE.

But don’t just take our word for it.  We were featured in many travel reports including Playboy, Financial Times How to Spend it, Island Life, Maco We were even covered in a full page in London’s Observer Newspaper (download these press articles here): http://being-tobago.com/about-us/archives/

According to – Playboy Magazine, USA. “…you won’t find a more spectacular retreat than Villa Being”

“And if what you want is bespoke rock-star treatment, utter privacy and total comfort, you need a stay at Villa Being” – Observer, United Kingdom.

According to Private World, London, “Being is an inspiring property, at one with the sea, sky, sun, and setting.  It feels crisp, fresh and uncluttered, secluded, relaxing, even meditative in ambience. This is the most original escape in the Caribbean”.

Villa Being - Outdoor Dining

Villa Being Entrance

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